Universidad Politécnica Salesiana presents its 2014-2018 Guidelines which include its strategic planning, its medium and long term projection, and the objectives and strategies needed to fulfill its mission and vision statements. The guidelines will lead the university during this period.

This task was directed and led by the Planning, Evaluation, and Accreditation Unit, with the participation of most university representatives, such as:  directors, teachers, administrative staff, and students. The guidelines were put into consideration of the university community through an open forum on the university web-site.

These guidelines were created considering: the 2009- 2013 guidelines, IUS policies, UPS operational plans, the National Development plan called National Plan for good living, and the results obtained from the institutional assessments for accreditation.

It is important for everyone who is part of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana to continue their impartial work and support towards the university in order to fulfill its mission by focusing on providing quality service for our students.
Germán Parra González
Planning, Evaluation and Accreditation Technical Secretary