Current research projects 2013 – 2014


Project Director Campus
Genetic diversity in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Wild) from the Ecuadorian Andean region. Diana Calero Consuegra Quito
Analysis of chromosomal variations in the laboratory teaching and research staff exposed to chemical mutagens in the city of Quito. Germania Karolys Quito
Study of the effect red hot pepper extract and (Capsicum anuum) Solimanillo has on the defense genes (PR) when applied on a tomato crop. Pablo Arévalo Cuenca
Isolation and characterization of taxa yeast found in Mortiño Vaccinium floribundum and pitahaya Hylocereus, sp Selenicereus sp capable of fermenting like grape must. Pablo Coba Quito
Isolation of actinomycetes microorganisms capable of bio transforming steroids. María Elena Maldonado Quito
Construction and design of a Dielectrophoresis camera to research cellular properties. STAGE II Patricio Núñez Quito
Standardization of a guideline to isolate and quantify genes for the expression of Anthocyanin in three varieties or ecotypes belonging to the rubus genre, obtained from the Tungurahua province. Viviana Chiluisa Quito
Study of the chemical composition of Flavoines and the assessment of antioxidant activity in Ecuadorian medicinal plants. Paco  Noriega Quito
Assessment of antifungal efficiency of the Marco (Ambrosia arborescens Mill), and Matico (Aristeguietia glutinosa Lam) Asteraceae, in an antimycotic cream and the study of the self-preserving activity of formulation. Tatiana Mosquera Quito
Design and construction of a portable water distiller prototype for the Biodiversity Assessment and Research Center (CIVABI) at Universidad Politecnica Salesiana using solar energy. William Quitiaquez Quito
The effects of temperature and proximal composition on electrical conductivity of liquid samples. Diego Carrillo Quito
Monotoring physio-chemical alterations and quantity of carbon in land parcels affected by controlled fires Carlos Ulloa Quito
Obtaining fuel from solid vulcanized rubber waste through the pirolisis process. Miriam Mancheno Cuenca
Assessment of soil toxicity during and after a Bioremediation of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Process PAH Ernesto Delgado Cuenca
Characterization of the impact caused by anthropic activities on the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the moorland in the “Monjas Bajo” community, located in Juan Montalvo community in the Cayambe district. Tatiana Mosquera Quito



Project Director Campus
Young Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorians in the University. A story of the reasons for being in the University. María Verónica Di Caudo Quito
Ethics of care emerging in the family context: effect, interdependence, and autonomous boys, girls, and teenagers in the creation of a solidary economy. ( Continuation of the Family, Genre, and Food project: proposals for a new lifestyle starting from the kitchen). María Fernanda Solórzano Quito
Falling in love: a social historical explanation of gender violence in romantic relationships of young white mestizos and indigenous people. Germán Humberto Cuesta Quito
Young bodies and images in Facebook. Diego Cóndor/Germán Muñoz Quito
Spaces and tools: circuits and mobility of creative practices that support the community in an Urban context. María Violeta Sánchez Quito
Subjectivity, lifestyles and academic demotivation of students from UPS- Quito Luis Herrera Quito
Changes in the socio educational practices of the indigenous youth from the Ecuadorian highlands center as a result of internal mobility. Daniel Llanos Quito
Work expectations of senior students and graduates of social sciences at UPS. Luis Herrera Quito
A Technical financial research proposal about socio cultural patterns that influence physical, psychological and sexual violence in indigenous boys, girls and teenagers and in rural areas. This Project includes community involvement. Daniel  Llanos Quito
From dust to dust: experiences of urban violence in Guayaquil and Quito. Fredy Aguilar Quito
Barras Bravas in South America: an approximation on their cultural and organizational practices. René Unda Quito
Configuration of young people’s social expectations on the Ecuadorian political system. An analysis of the 2006 – 2012 period. René Unda Quito
Political participation of Young people and youth associations. María Fernanda Solórzano Quito



Project Director Campus
Promoting community health and Psychological Intervention in Quito’s Historic Center. Héctor Marcelo Rodríguez Mancilla Quito
The process of the formation of self in educational institutions: the combination of the DCE and socialization processes (Part II) Becker Reyes Quito
Diagnosis and identification of psychosocial risk factors at the UPS Quito Campus. Juan Rommel  Samaniego Quito
Social production of the “La Ronda” neighborhood in Quito’s historic center. Héctor Marcelo Rodríguez Mancilla Quito
Speeches and political practices in Ecuadorian Society. Gino Grondona Quito
The impact of the Ecuadorian Truth Commission on repair processes. Gino Grondona Quito
Psychology in Ecuador: academic and professional aspects according to the National Plan for a good life framework. Gino Grondona Quito
Psychosocial Factors in collective action: the case of social urban and youth movements. Héctor Marcelo Rodriguez Mancilla Quito



Project Director Campus
Quality and health indicators of soil in production systems of pasture for dairy farming. Catalina Sandoval Montenegro QUITO-CAYAMBE
Community irrigation in the production of pasture, on the left river bank of the Pisque river. Charles Carchipuendo Ulcuango QUITO-CAYAMBE
Sustainability indicators of dairy farming in the north of Ecuador. Narcisa Requelme QUITO-CAYAMBE
Microbiological quality in fresh artisan cheese from the Cayambe district. Rocio Contero Callay QUITO-CAYAMBE
Nutritional value of the main raw materials used to feed cows in small and medium farms in the Cayambe district. Francisco Adolfo  Gutiérrez León QUITO-CAYAMBE



Project Director Campus
Multivariate characterization of the entities that make up the natural heritage areas in Ecuador. Phase II. Patricio Yánez Moretta Quito
Biodiversity, DNA Barcoding and molecular phylogeny Of the flies that visit and pollinate orchids in the cloud forests of northwestern Ecuador. Part ½ Fabián Bersosa Quito
Methodology for planning the conservation required in the technical management of the surface runoff in Ecuador. José Edgar Ayabaca Cazar Quito
Inventory of existing Biodiversity in the Aguarongo Forest (Bosque protector Aguarongo ) Juan Loyola  Cuenca
Spatial Data infrastructure for the IDE – UPS Project with a graphic database and applications for CIMA Gustavo Navas Ruilova Quito
Soil health and quality in the organic production of vegetables in the RESSAK territory. Orlando Gualavisi Cachiguango Quito
Quality and availability of drinking water under the board’s social management of the Pesillo project- Imbabura Charles Cachipuendo Quito
Geolocation of Salesian Works in Ecuador- Phase B Gustavo Navas Ruilova Quito
A self-sustained aquatic station using solar energy which enables the acquisition of weather data in real virtual time through RF Byron Xavier Lima Cedillo Guayaquil
Development of a methodology for collecting and evaluating air concentration of SO2in Cuenca’s industrial park and heavy traffic areas in Cuenca. Francisco Enríquez Guerra Cuenca
Study and construction of Grätzel type solar cells with natural pigments extracted in Ecuador. María Cristin Calero Armas Quito
Analysis of meteorological information: solar radiation and heavy rain with information from ground stations and satellites. Sheila Serrano Quito
Evaluation of desertification in the province of Azuay from the year 1980. Fredi Portilla Farfán Cuenca



Project Director Campus
Development of a mobile robotic platform for modern control algorithms tests for flight control. Aníbal Roberto Pérez Checa Quito
Implementation of a home automation care system for the handicapped by using a natural interface sensor from nui de kinect microsoft Víctor Vinicio Tapia Calvopiña Quito
Trajectory optimization algorithms for a SCARA arm using SPARTAN FPGA Carlo Germán Pillajo  Angos Quito
Communication networks management for the intelligent measurement of electricity. Esteban Mauricio Inga Ortega Quito
The Answer for the demand of a Smart home. Diego Anibal Arias Cazco Quito
The integration of intelligent meters in a Smart home Edwin Marcelo García Torres Quito
Application in free software for a Smart home. Estuardo Josafat Correa Zapata Quito
BCI (brain computer interface) system under cognitive evoked potentials implemented on a smartphone. Flavio Vinicio Changoluisa Quito
Analysis and simulation of nonlinear effects on the physical layer of a WDM-PON network Luis Germán Oñate Cadena Quito
Comparative study between FAST OFDM and multicarrier techniques which use filter banks in optic fiber systems. Milton Napoleón Tipán  Simbaña Quito
Analysis and simulation of a dynamic RWA wavelength algorithm for a next generation PON hybrid network José Luis Aguayo Morales Quito
ILP model for optimizing the implementation of WDM-PON networks. Germán Vicente Arévalo Bermeo Quito
Review of ZNO in an atmosphere controlled by gas injection. Sonia Elizabeth Guaño Arias Quito
Comparative analysis of the performance of channel estimation algorithms in MIMO systems. Enma Verónica Soria Maldonado Quito
Study of computer and ICT security in the field of IT security. José Renato Cumbal Simba Quito



Project Director Campus
Discourses and practices about development Eduardo Delgado Quito
Public policies and food sovereignty. The case of seed access. María Elizabeth Bravo  Quito
The Participants of the Ecuadorian social and solidarity based economy: their looks, convergences and divergences (2011-2012) Ana  Castro Medina Quito
Testimony in motion: for a new epistemological and methodological horizon of body ethnography. Ana Lorena Campos Araúz Quito
The History of higher education among the Shuar and characterization of the Shuar epistemology. José Juncosa Quito
The borders of State, region, imaginary, and social struggles in Quito (1992- 2010) Víctor Hugo Torres Quito
Studies of employability of the graduates of Applied Anthropology. Hernán Hermosa Quito
Suicide in teenage girls in the city of Tulcan. Juan Illicachi Guzñay Quito
Historical memoirs of the Plaza Arenas Daniela Ochoa  Pilco Quito
Urbanization built since the mobilization of indigenous people. Shown in the study cases of: Quito, Guayaquil, Macas Darwin Reyes Quito



Project Director Campus
Mechanical characterization of a polymer compound reinforced with Guadua Anguistifolia Kunth (GAK) natural fibers. Jorge Isaac Fajardo Sarmiento Cuenca
Improvement of superficial properties in natural fibers. Luis Marcelo López Cuenca
Microworld Interactive games as therapeutic tools for at risk children (MiCroLuDi) Vladimir Robles Cuenca
Intelligent systems to support education (SINSAE v2) Vladimir Robles Cuenca
Proposal for the creation of the Web Accessibility observatory at Universidad Politécnica Salesiana Paola Ingavelez Guerra Cuenca
Development of a system to detect academic plagiarism and the implementation of a platform to research detection techniques (SISDEP) Cristian Timbi Cuenca
Analytic study of movement during action Patricio Fernando Urgilés Cuenca
Self- Healing algorithm control applied in micro power grids. Luis Ismael Minchala Ávila Cuenca
Failure Diagnosis in gears based on the analysis of vibration signals applying artificial intelligence techniques and / or statistics. René Vinicio Sánchez Loja Cuenca
Numerical simulation of the dynamic behavior of the spur gears transmission with different types of faults for diagnostic purposes Oleana Naidiuk Cuenca
Characterization, simulation and analysis of wind flow in the Villonaco wind park located in the province of Loja- Ecuador. Fran Zhovani Reinoso Avecillas Cuenca
Fitting algorithm applied to the active filter systems Flavio Quizhpi Palomeque Cuenca
Study and implementation of algorithms of kinematic control of articulated robot arms used in flexible manufacturing processes. Marco Carpio Alemán Cuenca
Design, construction and implementation of a right hand biomechanical prosthesis (second phase) Patricio Fernando Urgilés Cuenca
Tometry detection method for the early diagnosis of glaucoma through simulation tools. Eduardo Guillermo Pinos Vélez Cuenca
Development of power systems control techniques for the emulation of wind in distinct working conditions. José Restrepo Cuenca
Ignition system diagnosis for alternative diesel internal combustion engines by using predictive techniques Cristian García García Cuenca
Development and use of a methodology in scientific research of accidents in Cuenca’s urban areas. Fabricio Espinoza Molina Cuenca
Design, implementation and monitoring of solar hybrid heaters -lpg and solar energy – electric heaters to obtain hot water for consumption. John Ignacio Calle Siguencia Cuenca
Design, construction, installation and monitoring of a solar system to heat pool water. John Ignacio Calle Siguencia Cuenca
Energy efficiency systems, parameterization of solar panels, and technical economic analysis. Freddy Campoverde Armijos  Cuenca
Customization of publicity through augmented reality technologies. Andrés Ortega Ortega Cuenca
Online Intermediation systems for buying / selling products supported by social networks. Esteban Ordóñez Morales Cuenca



Project Director Campus
Development of argumentative discourse in adolescents based on psycholinguistics and neuroscience. Laura Elizabeth Montenegro Quito
Philosophical and epistemological basis to guide the development of knowledge in Ecuador. Flor Alba Aguilar Gordón Quito
Conceptual guidelines to guide the approach and the practical application of RSU, when training Pedagogy teachers at UPS. Nelzón Raza Calderón Quito
Proposal to strengthen the inclusive education process for handicapped people at UPS. Miryam Gallegos Quito



Project Director Campus
Study of management in SMEs from Pichincha that work in agro technology focused on the external market 2010-2013 Roque Rafael Pinto Rodríguez Quito
The effect of the brand “Ecuador, ama la vida” on the position of Ecuadorian agro industrial export brands Raquel Chicaiza Villalba Quito
To determine the accounting treatment of the intangible intellectual capital in manufacturing SMEs in the city of Guayaquil Isabel Susana Lam Guayaquil
Strategic proposal to increase and diversify foreign trade in the Ecuadorian metal mechanic sector to the “comunidad andina de las naciones” – Andean Community of Nations(CAN) Jorge Freire Morán Guayaquil
Analysis of the leadership structure on the economic manufacturing activities of Ecuador which is called “Economía popular y solidaria” Soraya Elizabeth Sánchez Montalván Quito
Discourse analysis used by multilevel marketing to consolidate its sales teams and the effects on social reality that they contribute to Tania Chicaiza Villaba Quito
Factors that have influenced Productivity and Competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs in the city of Quito from 2010 to 2013 Carlos Aníbal Salazar Villegas Quito
“Community financing” as a mechanism to finance SMEs in Azuay Cesar Enríquez Vázquez Cuenca
The effective use of financial tools and their impact on the progress of SMEs in Cuenca - Ecuador Santiago Serrano Vicuña Cuenca
Comparison of the international accreditation systems to be applied in Ecuadorian Universities, a case study at Universidad Politécnica Sal Marco Antonio Posligua Cuenca
Motivational factors and entrepreneurial competencies that influence the production of dynamic entrepreneurship. Raquel Donso Rivera Guayaquil
Tax characterization of the Taxpayer in the “El Vecino” neighborhood in Cuenca. Andrea Fabiola Piedra Méndez Cuenca
Evaluation of a proposal to assess the quality of service in businesses in Guayaquil. Raúl Álvarez Guayaquil
Analysis of indicators and improvement proposals for community involvement in co-financed universities in the city of Guayaquil during 2011 – 2012. Ingrid Verónica Fiallos Vargas Guayaquil
Analysis of indicators and improvement proposals for university teacher job satisfaction in RSU context. Diana Cristina Calle Ramírez Cuenca
The socioeconomic impact of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Guayaquil campus, in the “Cuba” neighborhood. Alex Enrique Parra Rosero Guayaquil